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Rebecca Sobin is a contemporary abstract artist who divides her time between the Rocky Mountains of Montana and the Sonoran Desert of Arizona. She self-describes as both an artist and a science geek and considers these two aspects of her life as being a cross-pollination, each perfectly balancing the other.


Painting since the 1980s, Sobin initially began working in a representational style using watercolor, but over time the journey into abstraction went through several incarnations – all leading to the contemporary mixed media work she embraces today.

Working in various mediums – oil and cold wax, handmade mineral paints, watercolor and oil pastels, which are the mainstays of her contemporary, abstract-emotive work, allows for a cross- pollination of ideas and expression.

Sobin's art education has taken the form of university coursework, working with artist-mentors, and self-led study. She has participated in many group and juried shows and her work is in private collections from coast-to-coast. Currently, she is represented by multiple galleries across the western states and stays current with membership in various artist's organizations.

All work is available for purchase and can be viewed in it's entirety at

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