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Artist Statement

I work in oil and cold wax creating vivid, topographical, sculptural, and multilayered paintings. As an abstract artist, I translate my perceived reality into color and shape, creating a “topography of place” in my work. Cross-pollinating ideas and visions from both the internal and external aspects of my environment and translating what I see and feel into my work is how I embody my creative process. It is just that – a process - one of discovery, learning, and being.

I want people to see and feel the connectivity from the self - the inner landscape, to the earth, terra frma - the outer landscape through the visual conduit of color, shape, and gesture that all inform the texture, light and movement of a piece. In this sense, I consider my work as “abstract-expressive”.

All of my current collections of work are created using layers of primarily oil and cold wax, however I love to experiment. It's not unusual for me to include acrylic paints, India ink, Asemic writing, and using a variety of mark-making tools, as well as powdered pigments, and objects from the natural world collaged into my work. A glimpse of these articles and earlier colors are seen as the paints are added and then reduced by “digging into” a painting’s history, as in an archeological record, or dissolving down to earlier layers. Compositions are informed by the internal and external facets not only of daily life, but from my dreamscapes as well, imparting an essence of spirit and Anima.

My work is a journey. Having lived in different regions throughout time, the topography, people, fora, fauna and cultural aspects of place have added direction, depth and nuance into the stories they each hold, the stories that the viewer can integrate into their own internal landscape.

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